The study of nature, including plant and animal care, is an integral part of Starwood Academy of Frisco’s curriculum.

Children must learn about and interact with nature in order to truly appreciate its wonders. Unfortunately, the beauty of nature is becoming more remote for many children. As a part of our Nature Study curriculum, we have garden boxes in the playground that students are responsible for maintaining. We also have a greenhouse, which allows our students who may not live in rural environments to learn the importance of caring for their environment.

Nature study, in a very important way, reflects the vision of Starwood Academy of Frisco: to take the tiny bud that is the child, nurture it, help it blossom, and set them free to become proud and beautiful additions to the world. To strengthen a child’s spirit is to strengthen the future, and in this regard, we are all depending on that tiny bud to blossom and become a shining star in his or her own way.

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