Community Dining in Frisco, TX


Starwood Academy of Frisco provides students with healthy, high-quality food. Our campus includes a full-size commercial kitchen onsite where food is prepped and cooked fresh each day. This program, which is included in school tuition, treats our students to delicious food cooked from scratch.

Because of the breadth of the program, dietary and health preferences are accommodated, allowing all students to participate. There are procedures in place to alert parents and students of potential allergens in advance.

Daily snacks, like fresh-cut fruit, cheese and crackers and homemade baked goods, are a part of the students’ school life. Students do not bring any food from home.

Community Dining

Toddler and Primary Dining 

At both campuses, Toddler and Primary students participate in family-style dining. They dine in their classrooms and at each table, they have two entrée options, two side dishes, and a choice of a drink available. Choices of salad, fresh fruit and vegetables are passed around the table.

Family-style dining allows young students to experience valuable lessons like cooperation and sharing, respect for others, table manners, and portion control. It also encourages students to experiment with foods outside of their normal comfort level, as they see their friends eating items that they may not have been exposed to before.

Elementary and Middle School Dining

Elementary and Middle School Dining

At Starwood Academy of Frisco, Elementary and Middle School students eat in the school cafeteria. Students, Guides and Administrators gather daily to share a meal together and reaffirm their connection to the Starwood community. 

They are able to choose from multiple entrees, as well as daily soups, a deli station and a salad station. Students are also exposed to cooking from the Chef’s Table. Students are served an appropriate portion and are welcome to return for unlimited seconds.

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