The arts bring joy to our lives, and to the lives of our children. We believe in emphasizing the process of creation, not necessarily the end result.

Whether they are painting a picture, singing a song, playing an instrument, or performing a dance, our programs are designed to expose children to a variety of mediums and to help them become skillful, willing participants in the arts. Music classes are held weekly, with private lessons available for interested students.

Experimentation with many different musical variations helps children to connect with their emotions. While in music class, children play instruments, sing songs, and learn accompanying finger and hand movements. Music has also proven to enhance other areas of development; the rhythmic pattern of words, noting the differences between fast and slow, hard and soft beats, and high and low intonations are some of the distinctions that aid in the development of vocabulary skills and enhancement of pre-reading skills.

The creative music program brings together graphic notation symbols, instruments, and sound textures. Students are introduced to the musical concepts of rhythm and melody plus instruments including drums, bells, and tambourines. In order to foster a creative spirit, students are encouraged to improvise and make up words to songs. Those with a desire to perform have plenty of opportunities to showcase their developing talents.


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