Lower Elementary Program in Frisco, TX

The world opens up to children in the lower elementary level—ages 6 – 9—with expansive lessons about the story of the universe and the Earth.

While studying earth science, history, math, geometry, economic geography, and language, they make connections across time, space, and world cultures. Hands-on materials help them commit what they learn to their long-term memory and strengthen their abstract understanding of complex concepts. We support their imagination and their curiosity with creative writing, poetry, research projects, and dramatic presentations.



Integrated Learning

Learning becomes more meaningful for students when ideas and concepts are connected through various subject areas.

Daily Meetings

Every day there is time allocated for sharing as a class. This builds a caring connected community.

Breadth & Depth

Students’ questions become the foundation of their inquiry and research into the world around them.

Freedom Within Limits

Students are given the autonomy to become self-directed learners.


By the third-grade, students take the lead during their conference and present their learning to their parents and guide.



  • Confidence  

  • Independent exploration

  • Intrinsic motivation

  • Teamwork and community

  • How to present work

  • Communication



Experience the spark of curiosity and joy of wonder in our lower elementary classrooms!

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